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Introduction to Product Module Elements

Product module serves as a centralized hub for Product Management, housing both Inventory elements like (Stock) and Non-Inventory (No-Stock) items, including any item assigned a product code.

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Learn about the core elements that drive this flexible module, which  enables smooth product optimization and administration in your   company.

Automate inventory management and traceability by creating unique QR codes for each product, allowing for rapid and easy access to product information and data.

Simplify your procurement processes and enhance organizational efficiency by easily accessing and tracking all your P.O. orders in one centralized platform.

Streamline your inventory management by creating hierarchical structures that categorize products based on specific criteria.

Effortlessly generate new product entries or modify existing ones, maintaining precise and current information consistently.

Improve business operations by effectively monitoring product transactions, allowing for better decision-making and inventory management.

Create and define unique brand identities for your products, enabling effective brand management and recognition.

Enhance your accounting processes by assigning GL types to products, enabling precise financial reporting and analysis.

Standardize inventory management by establishing uniform units across your product catalog, ensuring consistency and accuracy in tracking and reporting.

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Process of data management made easy

The Product Module seamlessly integrates with other modules, such as Sales, Purchasing, and Accounting, enabling data synchronization and ensuring a holistic view of business operations.


This module functions as a central hub that makes it easier for different product kinds to be managed inside an organization. It acts as a central repository for arranging and keeping track of data on goods, including both tangible and intangible goods.

NOTE: The Module helps organizations track and manage their inventory levels, including stock quantities, locations, and movements. It facilitates functions such as stock tracking, replenishment, and inventory valuation.

Master Product Library

The Master Product Library enables effective product cataloging, guaranteeing accuracy and accessibility throughout your company’s processes, with everything from comprehensive product descriptions to necessary requirements. With AST Workspace, you can streamline your product management process and maximize the potential of your product line.

Create Product

Product creation in a product module enables centralized management of all items in one location, guaranteeing straightforward access and organization.

View Product

Gain instant access to detailed product information, including descriptions, specifications, and pricing, empowering efficient product analysis and decision-making.

Bundle Library

A bundle is a collection of products or services sold together as a single package. It enhances customer satisfaction by offering a convenient way to purchase complementary products together.

IMPORTANT: Bundles can be used as a promotional strategy to introduce new products, clear out old stock, or increase overall sales during specific periods.

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IMPORTANT: Certain modules are currently being developed, which means they are not yet accessible. We will tell you once they are available for purchase.

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