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Unlock unmatched convenience and precision with AST Kiosk, seamlessly integrated with our ERP system. Serving as a centralized data hub, it promotes a paperless setting and elevates workflow efficiency.

Every small details holds great significance

Universal kiosk for everyone

This product is a key component of Workspace system that improves workplace productivity with easy data integration and improved usability. With AST Kiosk's seamless integration with AST Workspace, you can enjoy the advantages of a paperless workplace, increased collaboration, and accurate data in real time for a more thorough  and efficient business experience. 


Main Key Features

User-friendly and versatile feature for all

This app is equipped with self-service capabilities, showcases powerful features carefully designed to provide unparalleled convenience.

The attendance tracking system on this app efficiently records and manages employee attendance, ensuring accurate and streamlined tracking.

Comprehensive user database that includes names, ID’s, and other important details, seamlessly integrable into an existing user management system.

User-friendly interface, supporting touch interaction for biometric scans, QR code scanning, and manual entry, providing a seamless and intuitive experience.

Seamlessly integrate biometric recognition and QR code scanning libraries into the kiosk software, ensuring efficient processing and verification of user identities.

Equipped with an integrated camera for quick and efficient image capture, enabling facial recognition or QR code scanning during user interactions.

Capture and instantly update user attendance, empowering administrators to monitor attendance trends and patterns with ease.

With backup mechanism, storing data locally for seamless offline usage and automatically syncing when connectivity is restored.