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Unlock on-the-go productivity with AST Mobile App's automated functions. Handle project updates with ease, promote teamwork, and use real-time communication options for better collaboration.

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Introducing the AST-Mobile

AST Mobile is your portal to a completely interconnected and self-reliant workforce. Tailored to meet the needs of today's ever-changing business environment, it offers a unified experience that ensure effectiveness and flexibility.


Main Key Features

Empower your workforce with Innovative Mobile Solutions

Transform your business vitality with AST Mobile, fostering increased productivity, real-time decision-making, and employee self-reliance, all within the palm of your hand.

Unified software application compatible with both Android and iOS platforms for efficient attendance record management ensuring seamless integration across devices.

Ensures easy recording, provides employees convenient check-in/check-out options, allowing them to manage attendance efficiently, and fostering a dynamic work environment.

Support both ease of access and robust security, providing employees with convenient and secure access to their timesheets and payslips while on the go.

Maintain an engaging and visually appealing interface that not only captivates users but also delivers a seamless, intuitive experience, making every interaction a delight.

Uphold robust security and privacy by enforcing data protection through strict, including encryption for both transmission and storage, resulting in maximum confidentiality and peace of mind for users.

The offline mode option ensures uninterrupted kiosk functionality by allowing data storage and automatic synchronization when online.

Involves regular monitoring and updates to ensure long-term functionality, outstanding performance, and enhanced security, leading to a seamless and secure user experience.