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Get to know AST Workspace: Uncover our story, company history, core values, and objectives. We are committed in transforming the way workplace functions and is experienced, going beyond merely offering standard solutions.

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Our commitment to quality

In Australia Software Technology, we prioritize consistent quality in everything we do. Discover how we maintain the highest standards in our products and services, ensuring our valued clients’ satisfaction and reliability.


Glimpse into future goals and vision of AST Workspace

Take a journey through our story where innovation, dedication, and client-centricity come together to create a tale of achievement in the ever-evolving world of IT solutions.

Fostering a greener future

Explore our sustainability efforts and environmental initiatives. Discover how we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting a more sustainable and responsible future.


Relation to Amazon Web Services

Our flagship product, AST Workspace is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s leading cloud service provider. AWS ensures top-tier security and exceptional reliability, with minimal downtime that guarantees seamless access to your workspace anytime, anywhere around the globe.

With AWS’s proven track record of low downtime, you can rely on uninterrupted access, making remote work and global collaboration more efficient than ever. Contact us today to learn more about how our customizable cloud solution can benefit your organization.

Our Team

Get to know about the talented individuals who make up our team. Learn about their experience, passion, and dedication to providing quality in all aspects of our organization


Amanda Lee

Senior Development Manager

  • Managing projects operations, ensuring clarity in assigned tasks for developers.
  • Keeping track of project timeframes, addressing roadblocks.

John Doe

Full Stack Developer

  • Managing the complete front-end development of the User Portal.
  • Identifies areas for improvement and implementing a more user-friendly system.

Will Smith

Full Stack Developer

  • Develop APIs for specific feature to support the functionality of Workspace Mobile and Kiosk applications.
  • Provide assistance to employees setting up their Office 365 accounts.

Anne Hathaway

Full Stack Developer

  • Concentrate on developing Product and Custom Module.
  • Maintain a bridge integration on Workspace to connect the Dear System with Power BI for streamlined report generation.

Jane Doe

Full Stack Developer

  • Managing the development of System Admin module, including various modules such as Intranet, HRMS & Finance.
  • Responsible for deploying security features & user relation function.

John Doe

Mobile App Developer

  • Responsible for comprehensive development of mobile applications
  • Conducting research and studies of libraries and technologies, responsible for testing, quality assurance, feature releases, bug fixes, 

Will Smith

Graphic Designer

  • Designing UI/UX interface of the website and upcoming projects.
  • Creates a variety of visual graphic assets organization-wide, handling all social media accounts of AST, and create marketing websites.

Anne Hathaway

Technical Writer

  • Collaborating with the team to craft clear and precise content for module overview, and tooltip scripts
  • Writes detailed user guide to help users to navigate the system


To lead Australia Software Technology in helping communities thrive by making technology accessible, efficient, and a driving force for success among businesses worldwide.


To offer straightforward solutions, providing companies with user-centered tools that pave the way of success among businesses worldwide.



Pursue industry leadership through ongoing investment in technological advancement, preparing to meet changing industry needs, and cultivating a culture of creativity within our team that drives forward-thinking developments.