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Introduction to HRMS

HRMS module elements serve as a doorway to optimizing employee management, from recruitment to performance evaluation. Explore our extensive tools and features for streamlining HR procedures, improving staff management, and driving organizational success.

Needs to in your Business

Add this module to enhance your business’s efficiency and dependability.

Enjoy simplified HR processes, improved data accuracy, and increased compliance, ultimately driving greater productivity and success across your organization.

Through intuitive tools and automated processes, ensure accurate tracking, reporting, and compliance with regulatory requirements, reducing administrative burden and enhancing efficiency.

With this cutting-edge innovation, you can streamline data tracking and improve workflow automation, enabling your staff to work smarter rather than harder.

Streamline your payroll processes and enhance financial transparency with AST Workspace’s comprehensive 13th-month pay functionality.

Access a centralized platform to view and manage open positions within your organization, streamlining recruitment process.

Compute and handle the financial aspects of employee exits in simple way,  taking into account final payments, deductions, and accrued benefits.

Make sure that corporate policies are enforced fairly and consistently by using  the disciplinary action capabilities of the HRMS module, all the while promoting  great workplace culture.

Simplify performance review by offering a consolidated platform for goal-setting, assessment, and feedback-giving.

Ensure timely and accurate communication with candidates and facilitate a smooth transition from offer to acceptance.

Optimize your compensation plan and make wise choices on salary levels to  draw in and keep top talent while making the most use of your available funds.

Lessen Administrative Burden

Enjoy simplified HR process

Unlock range of benefits that empower your organization to operate effectively


HRMS helps organizations stay consistent with labor laws and regulations by automating compliance processes, such as tracking employee hours, managing leave policies, and generating compliance reports.

NOTE: HRMS provides a centralized repository for storing employee data, making it easy to access, update, and analyze information from one location.

Public Holidays

You can set up and manage public holiday calendars that are specific to your organization’s requirements using our user-friendly platform. Make sure to keep track of holidays precisely, calculate holiday entitlements automatically, and notify  employees of holiday schedules in the most effective way.

Holiday Swapping

You can effortlessly exchange different countries’ public holiday types, enabling smooth transitions between holiday calendars  to accommodate diverse global teams or operations.By facilitating the management of international holidays, AST Workspace  helps ensure accurate scheduling and compliance  across your organization, regardless of geographic location.

Public Holiday Groups

Groups of public holidays are classifications or sets of public holidays that are arranged according to specific standards. HRMS allows more flexibility and efficiency when managing holiday calendars by grouping  public holidays.

Public Holiday Types

Public holiday types are the different categories or classifications of public holidays based on their nature, origin, or purpose. These types can vary depending on the country, culture, and administrative practices.


Allowance management inside HRMS allows companies to improve transparency, compliance, and employee satisfaction by ensuring proper calculation, disbursement, and tracking of additional payments or benefits given to employees.

IMPORTANT: These allowances can vary depending on the organization's policies, industry standards, and employee contracts.

All Modules

IMPORTANT: A few modules are not accessible at this time since they are still being developed. We will promptly inform you when these modules are ready for purchase.

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